Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Into Mills Product Photography

At a recent festival I was reviewing for my Olive Dragonfly Blog, I met a lovely home wares vendor who has since approached me about taking some new photos of her products for her website.  It wasn't something I had much experience in but we had a lot of fun and I also enjoyed the styling aspect of it as we both had a few ideas to show the items off at their best with only a small space to display them in.

I love Sally's taste, the items she sells are beautiful with lots of wood, glass and beautiful ceramics.  I have my eye on a few items myself!

We positioned the items next to a window on a wonderful old garden table which added a nice texture to some of the shots.  I'm so glad she followed my advice to buy lemons, I knew they'd really pop with the dark blue ceramics I'd seen on her stand.

At another fair last weekend, I was so pleased to see she'd already used the photos to print business cards which I think look great, it's so nice to see my photos in print, even if just on small business cards.

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  1. I'm also happy and pleased to see she'd already used the photos to print his business cards which you thought look great, it's so nice to see your photos in print. Thanks for sharing such a great positive photos. All photos are very catchy. Maybe you used Clipping Path Service for white background.


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