I absolutely adore photos have been actively practising photography now for approximately 12 years.  My style has radically changed in that time, going from purely outdoor photography to documenting life with my family and I'm hoping my skills as a photographer have improved too.

I started out interested only in landscapes and nature, which soon encompassed underwater photography as I combined two loves, photography and scuba-diving.  

I used to sell prints at craft fairs and on my website but life became busier and I just didn't have the time to focus on my photography business.  When I started my personal blog, Olive Dragonfly, in 2011, the year I got married, my photography warped into snapping my lifestyle and food as I wrote reviews and featured my taste in fashion and the odd bit of travel among other things.  Since having my twins in 2014, my interest in portraits and lifestyle photography evolved and I am currently trying to develop my skills in that area.  I decided it was time to make a new blog, just for my "proper" photography.

I have a few featured galleries showing my favourite images from various categories but I will be updating the blog with various sessions, mainly featuring my children as they are my current muses.  One of my main issues is editing myself, I plan to keep this blog clean and simple, featuring only my very best photographs.

I am inspired by many photographers who I plan to link to from time to time but a couple stand out as not just awesome photographers but amazing friends as well.  Clare Barker Wells is a truly talented family photographer in Kuala Lumpur and I always grab the chance for a catch up when I'm over there visiting my parents.  The last time I visited in Oct 2016, I also booked her one-on-one mentoring session which I highly recommend, I am all fired up to focus on my photography again, hence this new blog!  

Another favourite is Laura Aziz who lives much closer although we are terrible at coinciding for catch ups but when we do, they are so much fun!  Laura and I moved to the South coast of England around the same time and, despite never meeting before, we were introduced via email by the equally awesome Kirsty and I've been lucky enough to become friends with Laura as well as being a recurring client!

Photo by the super talented and inspiring Laura (babypicturethis)

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