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Make your brand stand out with beautiful styled and/or storytelling photos.

I love to create images that show the tale of your business, the pretty and the real. 

Please see below for examples and contact Bex for a tailored quote at


I have always tried to avoid having my photo taken, whenever I get asked to have a portrait shot of myself I squirm a little and always end up pulling some goofy faces or seem to close my eyes when the camera clicks! [...] However, the lovely Bex made me feel so relaxed and within seconds came this lovely photo which I can’t believe I am saying this...but I love it. 

-  Victoria Turner, shop owner

I offer various options, be it providing all of the photos for your website as a one-off or regular session to keep it fresh and updated or perhaps documenting an specific event you'd like to share online.  I can tailor my packages to suit your needs, showing your products, a general overview, place of business or even action shots of what you do.

You'll see in some of the client examples below that my own twins are sometimes my models for products or in eateries, this can also be discussed as an option if you require child models.

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Chiriboo Magic

The Hurstwood

My Beloved Makeup

Rebecca Love Swimming School

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Oast Farm Shop & Cafe

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Miscellaneous Food & Drink