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I love being invited in to document your family.  Be it those quiet or crazy times at home, the fun you have at the park or exploring the woods, seeing the connections between you and recording the little details you won't want to forget -

tiny toes, wisps of hair, the cuddles, the smiles...

The things that make your heart skip.

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Let me tell your story, I will give you images that make you feel.

...she was friendly, professional and put us all completely at ease (including our 2 year old!) and in the best possible way, at times we forgot she was there, which meant we got completely relaxed, happy and effortless pictures...

-  Lucinda Mitra, family client

The Malones newborn session

The Mitras family session

Your photos paint her spirit in a different light - such a beautiful capture like seeing your child from another perspective.

-  Lara Roberts, family client

Newborns & Babies

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