I want to capture the real love for you.  The important, everyday moments and details you'll want to remember forever and display in your home. 


Once you book your session, you will receive a welcome guide with more information about what to expect to ease any worries you may have about your session.  You can also see my FAQs here.

I love being invited in to those quiet or crazy times at home, the fun you have at the park or exploring the woods, seeing the connections between you and recording the little details you won't want to forget - tiny toes, wisps of hair, the cuddles, the smiles...

The things that make your heart skip.


Packages from £375.

If you want stunning, highly personalised art for your walls or a bespoke handmade album of images reflecting your family life, get in touch to chat about how I can create what you need.

Not quite ready yet?  No worries, why not download my pricing guide?

I also love capturing that special time of mother and baby bonding in those blurry first few days.  

Mama & Baby or Newborn family sessions allow extra time for feeding and cuddles to keep baby happy, it will be very chilled. 

Adapting to the new love in your life can be overwhelming enough, I will make sure there's no stress and we take things at your pace.  I also offer a special bump-newborn-one package, please contact me for details.

Done in the comfort of your own home, I will preserve those little details and memories of you and your little one together.


A "Day in the Life" session involves a full or half day of storytelling photos.  Much more documentary than my usual sessions, this option will give you a large collection of images showing your everyday in a much more comprehensive way.  From breakfast to lunch, playing in the house or a trip out to the park, nap-time snuggles, bath-time and bedtime stories, we can capture it all for you to keep in a precious album of your day during this time.

Please contact me for a bespoke quote.

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Prices are subject to change without notice at any time. 

Prices are not confirmed until you have booked and paid your deposit.

Session fee includes travel within 30 minutes of Uckfield, East Sussex.

Please contact me for a quote for travelling costs, I can come anywhere!  

For larger sessions with extended family members, please contact me for a bespoke quote.

I truly believe in tangible memories. 

If you want to invest in having your family story captured, don't leave those images languishing on your hard drive. 

Print them, hold them, show them off (in real life, not just on Facebook), display them on your walls! 

Flick through keepsake books you can pass down to your children. 

Give the gift of memories in an art book for grandparents...

I will help you decide what to do with your images and make it easy from start to finish.