1st May weather watcher - how many seasons in one day??

I'll just leave these here ;)

blue sky and clouds
12:32 pm

grey clouds over countryside in uckfield

retreating storm clouds and blue skies over countryside in buxted

Storm clouds over countryside in east sussex

rain clouds over countryside in Uckfield, East Sussex

storm clouds over countryside in Buxted, East Sussex

blue skies and retreating storm clouds near Crowborough, East Sussex, border with Kent

blue skies and huge clouds over countryside homes in Uckfield, East Sussex

Blue sky and fluffy white clouds over green countryside in Uckfield, East Sussex

And I didn't see a single rainbow! :(

Wasn't the weather crazy yesterday? We had 3 thunder storms, 2 rounds of hailstones and lots of sunshine in between the rain clouds. So changeable creating some pretty beautiful skies and scenes with the trees often glowing extra green in the sun with the grey clouds behind. My favourite picture was the one taken at 2:52pm!


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