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Flamingo Dress Magic

The other day I had an idea for a photo, when Priya went to get herself some water from the fridge I noticed her cute little toes curling as she stretched up, but the light wasn't quite right in our dark north-facing kitchen. Luckily, I was able to convince her to fetch a drink of water in the evening and by sheer chance, the sun shone in just the right spot through next door's garden and into our window for the 6 minutes we had before we all headed out for dinner.

Turns out the photo I had imagined turned out quite nicely but then I noticed if I curled up on the floor next to our cook-bookcase, I could get myself into the light in order to capture sun flares and 6 minutes of magic happened as I asked Priya to twirl for me in her pretty new dress.

I've experimented a bit with some different editing techniques and liked a few of the different results so some of them are slightly different but I love them all! (Although am slightly biased of course!)


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