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The documentary approach

The daily pea struggle. The spinning roundabout. The little one being lovingly (if awkwardly) carried by the big one and being taught to crawl. And the laughter, definitely the laughter! These are the everyday moments I'm passionate about capturing. This is why I give little direction and just want to capture what unfolds when I come to visit. This is why I want to make you and your whole family comfortable with me climbing all over your home and slithering around on your kitchen floor! So I can record these memories for you. Real moments.

And yes, even you, reluctant Grandpa whom I managed to convince into the frame by explaining that these are not for you. These are for them, those gorgeous grandchildren. For you will sadly not always be here and they need to see you with them, as you were.

I loved this session, it was the perfect mix of in home and outdoors having fun that speaks to me and gives us the opportunity to record what matters to you and your family. Showing my clients last night was an amazing experience, it will now always be something I try to do in person, in my new office which I will be sharing on here soon (I love it!) over a glass of fizz. I love being able to see and hear the reactions when they see their photos for the first time. Turns out I need a box of tissues in there too!


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