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Day of the Dead collaboration

I recently collaborated with a local make-up artist, Emese Csoma who runs My Beloved Makeup. She asked to work with me at some point so I thought we could do something fun for Halloween since I love it so much! My twins love having their faces painted so we planned to use them as models and I already had some day of the dead costumes which were perfect with Emese's sugar skull ideas. Not strictly Halloween but the Mexican tradition seems very popular this year and is celebrated in the couple of days following so is still timely and can be so pretty!

We planned to get out early, hoping for another foggy morning in the trees but although we weren't lucky with mist or fog, we did get some nice sunlight to work with! Emese came to my house at 8:30am to do the twins' faces and then we all piled in the car to my location idea. Instead of starting in the trees we headed for a local cemetery which worked perfectly as a place to celebrate and remember the dead.

Her make-up is organic and easily cleaned and her idea was to keep it simple with a white pattern which stands out perfectly on the twins' Indian skin. They looked amazing! K really was not in the mood so despite my best efforts to bribe him with chocolate, my husband had to come and take him home. Luckily Priya was on great form (and works very well with the concept of bribery!) so we got some awesome shots of her amongst grave stones and under a 2500 year old yew tree!

Here are a few favourites below and the full gallery can be seen here.

You will notice that Kalyan makes no more appearances. He lost it. Luckily Daddy was on hand to take him home (screaming) and we carried on with Priya before the sun got too high.


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