I'm a Click Pro!

"Congratulations! We LOVE your work!"

The words I woke up to on Friday morning. They certainly woke me up fully as I lay in bed checking my emails with one snotty twin cuddled in either side of me!

I am so thrilled to be accepted as a Click Pro! For those of you who don't know, it's sort of an accreditation, you submit an application of 150 images to be scored by the Click Pro director, Courtney Larson, possibly with a panel of judges alongside (as in my case) and if you meet their high standards, you're invited to become a Click Pro member! It gives validation that you are good enough (something us creatives often have a wobble about) and that talented people like your work and allow it to be labelled as such.

To explain it to my Mum (who's happy for me but not sure why, lol), I'd say it's like sitting my dental exams only SO much more personal as it's not just learning the information and retaining it but using your knowledge to create and what we create is so emotional, especially the images of my own family. Of course it is art which is subjective too but there are certain things the panel are looking for and we're scored based on the Click Pro rubric. I worked hard on my portfolio in secret for over a year, sending the hidden link on my website to trusted photographer friends to ask for feedback on how to improve, which images to remove or re-edit, etc...

Thank you to all who helped me! Special thanks to Clare Barker Wells (for helping me improve and feel confident in the first place after a mentorship) and Yasmina Cowan and all the other Heart of Home ladies I met at the workshop last year who gave valuable feedback on my portfolio then. Amber Talbert, my first Click Pro mentor and inspiration last year - I love her work! And last but certainly not least, Laura Aziz, our own family photographer, another mentor and the one who sat on the phone with me being brutal (which I asked for and needed) helping me decide which final images to remove before submitting! And all of the above and more, for being my cheerleaders along the way and today when I received this awesome news!

Here's how I scored:

  • Exposure Triangle: 5

  • Use of Light: 6

  • Color and White Balance: 5

  • Composition: 4

  • Processing + Cohesion: 5

  • Technical Basics (focus, DOF): 5

  • Creativity + Intention: 5