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Half Term Fun - Sheffield Park National Trust Garden

Another fun play-date during half term was our visit to Sheffield Park, our closest National Trust property. We actually went here for the afternoon following our muddy morning at Wilderness Wood (after a quick pit-stop for some new jeans for Kalyan!) with a local Mummy whose kids will be at the same school as the twins.

It's such a gorgeous place with beautiful woodland, trees to climb/hug/get stuck in, massive duck pond/lakes complete with waterfalls and bridges and plenty of benches with pretty shapes for me to take advantage of! ;)

And if you're wondering what the egg boxes were for, it was a fun half-term activity set up by Sheffield Park. It had images of 6 items to collect and they loved trying to find everything from pine cones to feathers. The perfect way to get 4-year-olds interested in nature and keeping them occupied.


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