He(art) Of Home (UK) - workshop review

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I thought I'd already reviewed this workshop but it turns out I only sent it directly to Yas & Clare to use on their website, whoops! So, here is my honest review of the workshop I attended last year (I haven't been asked to post this review here but I do have a special discount code for you if you keep reading so I think it'll help you decide whether it's for you or not)!

"I am so glad I booked the Heart of Home workshop this summer…

…It has easily been the most inspiring weekend for my photography, in both a personal and business sense, this year! The venue was amazing, the advice, learning opportunities and sheer volume of information being shared was immense. It was such a great investment and for a 3 night stay in a beautiful house with a dozen new friends (and a hot tub) with the majority of food (and wine!) included, it was fantastic value even without including all of the educational aspects from two truly talented photographers. Clare and Yas are both amazing teachers and just such wonderful, generous people. I'm still learning since the workshop and they (and my fellow attendees) are all there to offer advice and give a once over to anything new we've all been trying. We've become each others' cheerleaders and sympathetic ears, I'm so lucky to have met them all!

My first session since the workshop was my favourite ever, I loved it and am thrilled with the results, as was my client! I'm brimming with ideas and have loved seeing my clients cry happy tears over what I've captured when viewing their photos for the first time.

There's a fire in my belly and true excitement over where I can take my photography since taking this workshop, my confidence has been boosted no end and I am loving it! Can't wait for the alumni meet up next year!”

And if that's not enough to help you make your mind up, why not take £50 off!? Use the code ALUMNIBEX to get £50 off any booking for the London workshop! Affiliate code - I get something too if you use my code ;)

I made myself a gloriously colourful office:


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