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Phlock Live is coming in 2020!

What is Phlock? Phlock is a UK based photography "conference" with the intention of celebrating, inspiring and educating females in the photography industry. I say conference but it's so much more than that. Founded by all round amazing photographer, Laura Wood and her sister Sarah, this event is set to be epic!

Our mission is simple: to bring women in photography together. To educate. To inspire. To create a community where we all belong and can learn from one another. To offer a bespoke learning experience built of live workshops, inspiring talks, shoot-along sessions and breakout sessions. To carve out a place where we can show just how beautifully loud our collective artistic voices can be.

You will leave Phlock with a new-found sense of community over competition. You will leave feeling inspired and confident and able to take your photography to the next level. We are not a one size fits all conference and know that each photographer's needs are different. Here you will have access to some of the best creative female minds in the business with learning experiences to cover shooting, editing, posing, workflow, web development, branding, running a profitable business and so much more.

Doesn't it sound amazing?! I am thrilled to have been invited to be a part of it from the very early stages - including suggesting the name Laura selected, Phlock, I'm proud of that too ;)

I will be focusing on teaching about what I really love, colour and details in storytelling. Incorporating these important details, vibrant colours and joy in family sessions.

So, when is it? March 20th-22nd 2020, so less than a year away now, eek, SAVE THE DATE! The pre-reg site is going live very soon, I'll be sure to alert you all when it does and update this post with all the links! For now, you can follow along on Instagram, I've just finished a takeover day so you could still catch some of my stories...


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