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Trialling my Fujifilm X100F

I've been lusting after an X100F for a while now (well it was the X100T since 2016 thanks to Clare but then they brought out this version!) and after my attempts at underwater photography recently with a go-pro, I was inspired to go for it properly with this and a housing (thanks to Karah for the advice). So anyway, I had a bit of extra cash from work and invested in this baby and took it out for its maiden voyage on a couple of play dates this weekend. I'm loving it, it's so much lighter and more portable than my chunky Nikon D750, I actually took a lovely yellow handbag instead of my grey rucksack!

Here are the first photos I've taken with it (disclaimer: I am an idiot and thought I'd figured out the settings and had it on RAW - nope, they were all shot in jpeg and somehow all slightly overexposed so I expect better things next time I use it now that I've readjusted some settings, oops!)

So, we went to a garden centre which has a vintage tractor by the cafe and a big old double decker bus for the kids to play in, they loved it!

Followed by a trip to see Chailey Windmill, apparently in the centre of Sussex.

And the twins and I went for a spontaneous Sunday lunch at a local pub, followed by ice-cream with a friend who came to join us.

A fun day out and I am super happy with my new camera!


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