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Pizza & a movie

The summer holidays can be hard trying to juggle work, my business, the kids and no school but I want to have a fun summer with the kids and have made a list of fun things we can do to try to fill our days together when I'm not working. I'm hoping by doing so we make the most of this last summer before they start school and life changes again.

This Tuesday (which we always have together) it was looking a bit stormy out with very windy weather so we decided to go to the cinema rather than just stay home. I booked our local, The Picture House in Uckfield, which is my favourite and a local independent business to boot and noticed their pizza deal. It only cost an extra £5 for the kids and £6 for me to add on pizza in The Picture House restaurant so I decided to be brave and hope for good behaviour throughout the film and after! Luckily it went well and we had a lovely day out!

We saw Toy Story 4, despite the twins not having seen 1, 2 or 3, we loved it! I was surprised that I managed to enjoy watching the film, they were both so good, I just kept K with a steady supply of popcorn, P was perfectly happy and engrossed.

After the film, we went across the road to their restaurant for lunch.

I was pleasantly surprised by our large pizzas, I got to choose off the main menu and opted for the Marty McFly but swapped bacon for olives. The kids' pizzas were big too and they both chose ham and olives - the ham was really tasty - proper chunks of good quality ham.

As they'd been so good, we stayed for pudding, they had ice-cream and I had the Mango Mess with summer fruits. It was lovely although could have had a bit more mango.

We had a lovely time and highly recommend the film & pizza deal at The Picture House. It cost around £37 in total plus another £11 for puddings and my drink.

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