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Wilderness Wood in the Summer

We love Wilderness Wood - it's no secret we frequent the place often! We really should become members. We go in all seasons and always have a great time (bar the odd tantrum). Anyway, we were back again this week for a play date with friends and of course, no trip to Wilderness Wood is complete without a visit to the Wilderness Cafe!

This was the first time I've ordered their bacon, avocado and goats cheese salad and it was delicious, I think I might get that every time. Although the bacon & brie roll with cranberries is pretty epic too! Of course, the kids enjoyed their usual sweet treat, this time a gingerbread man which comes with the lunch bag and Lara and I shared a slice of Oreo cake. YUM! All this was followed by a bit of play and a lovely walk in a different area than I've been to before (one of the best things about this place is it's so vast you can always find new areas to explore), which of course burnt off ALL those calories (or perhaps not).

Here are my favourite photos of our most recent outing...


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