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Brighton Palace Pier - Documentary Photographer - day in the life

As part of our fun family day out in Brighton we headed to Brighton Palace Pier after lunch at VIP Pizza restaurant. It was fun doing lots of touristy things even though we live locally!

We hadn't planned to visit the pier but it turned out to be such a lovely day and the aquarium was so hot, dark and busy, we decided to explore the pier for a bit after lunch before heading back when the aquarium was (a lot) quieter.

Never before have I seen Kalyan SO excited, even at Christmas. I don't know how he knows about Helter Skelters but as soon as he glimped it he was bouncing, shrieking and running with sheer joy and excitement begging to go on. At £1.50 we weren't going to refuse such a polite and exuberant request and his happy dance was so worth it when we said yes! He had to be accompanied so Daddy went with him while I poised waiting to hopefully catch the perfect shot as they came around the final corner of the slide...

Priya is a huge fan of carousels so she preferred a ride on that which suited me just fine as it meant I got to practice my panning shots again! I am THRILLED with this one I got below of her and Daddy having fun, so glad I got them in focus as they spun past me with the best expressions on their faces!

We then got them each a pot of 2p coins to have some fun in the arcades, it made Kalyan's day, he loves the lights and buttons in there so getting to go in and play some of the games and slots just finished off his fun day perfectly.

After all that fun it was time for a rest and refuel, we had wanted to get a more traditional 99 cone but we had run out of cash so had to find somewhere that took cards so ended up in the Gelataria by the beach. I love how K looks like he's wearing lipstick after delving into his chocolate treat!

It's no wonder they were wiped out by the time we drove home, I just wish I could sleep this easily in the car!


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