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Storytelling Brand Photographer - Apple Picking with Bignose & Beardy Cider

Bignose & Beardy, aka Phil & Steve from Framfield, are just the loveliest people and are super passionate about their cider. They've built an amazing community of fans and friends who all help out when it comes to apple picking (and tasting) time! They know a few orchard owners who volunteer their otherwise wasted excess apples for the guys to make into their award-winning cider and everyone gathers for a day (or days) of picking in return for lunch and cider. One such day was just around the corner from us but we had a busy day with rugby and a birthday party so by the time we rocked up at 3:30 they were pretty much done for the day.

Of course, I still found some photo opportunities and it was great catching up with Phil & Steve who told us all about the orchard we were in - a full 10 acres!

The twins had a go at picking but soon got bored, it was pretty slippery too so we headed back up the hill to watch the transfer of all those apples!

So many apples to make beautiful cider!

I even managed a bit of fun macro work when I spotted some shrooms!


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