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Newborn Photographer in Sussex, Newborn Vogue Publications

I sort of feel a bit funny writing another blog post about Vogue so soon after the last but it had been months of rejections and now suddenly I find they're liking my work again ;)

I had two new photos accepted by Vogue Italia today, both taken on Saturday at my first client newborn session so it's a big boost to have these photos recognised by Vogue editors as being worthy of that there logo!

I haven't even finished editing this gallery yet but chose a few to submit this week (I think I've said before I can only submit two on a Monday and two on a Tuesday) but when I'm done I will be sharing more in a dedicated blog post as it was SUCH a wonderful, fun, energetic yet relaxed session with this gorgeous family of five!


They only went and accepted the next to I submitted the very next day too!!! What a week! :D

I put together a collage of all 11 of my Vogue acceptances now and I love how they all look together, such a lovely curated collection which I'm SO proud of! :D

Edit: I got another one!!!

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