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Family Photographer Sussex - Trick or Treat!

I love Halloween and have boxes upon boxes of Halloween costumes and decorations in the attic! I have only managed to go all out one year since having the twins and that was for their 3rd birthday when I held their birthday party a couple of weeks early to do the full on Halloween theme with party games, fancy dress and a face painter.

This year I had to make do with some last minute purchases at Lidl (bargain though - £2.50 in the sale!) to create my little witch and vampire. We didn't even plan on trick or treating, we haven't done it before and I wasn't sure how many in our village (without streetlights) would be up for it but we saw some folk out after I collected the kids from holiday club and as they were already in their outfits, I figured we'd give it a go, they'd been asking to this year as they heard about it at school.

Here are my swiftly edited, somewhat grainy photos taken in the dark!...

Of course, most of their haul will be confiscated, I am still a dentist! We sorted through it all at home and I removed the stickiest, chewy things and lollies (strict no-nos) and they each chose one chocolate as it was already past their bedtime by the time we got home. They'll have more treats tomorrow, I'm not totally mean!

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