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Photographer in Sussex - Autumn Colour at Sheffield Park Gardens

Sheffield Park is our closest National Trust property and we love visiting at all times of year, the kids love the ducks and climbing various trees, running down the path and exploring in the bushes. It's a stunning venue especially in Autumn when the trees change colour around the ponds and create a gorgeous vista with reflections adding to the beauty. I mean to go every year to capture this and often leave it too late but this year, despite following some gales the previous weekend, I was able to go when the light was favourable, without my kids so I could spend time getting a few shots in peace and the colours were still wonderful!

Here are some of my favourites taken yesterday using my old tripod and lee filters I had to dust off (it's been years since I used them)!

These next two were taken seconds apart but with very different settings: the second one was 1/100th of a second at f8 and for the second one I used my "big stopper" a filter which blocks a lot of the light coming into the lens (you can't even see through it!) so you can extend the shutter speed, I also closed down the aperture to get even longer so this one was at f16 for 30 seconds which is why the water is blurred smooth and there's a soft movement in the clouds as they drifted across the sky for half a minute (and the ducks disappeared as they moved faster). I'm not sure which version I prefer...

I also managed to find some shrooms! I was glad to have my new bargain waterproof trousers as I lay in the rotting leaves under trees with acorns raining down on me, lol.


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