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Family Documentary Photographer in Sussex - Happy Birthday to my twins!

My twins are FIVE! It's a little bit crazy to think I have two five year olds now. Life's been extra hectic lately and we've had a few issues with Priya's behaviour lately which is completely draining and we're trying to find good ways to deal with and address her rather frequent and epic and sometimes violent tantrums but luckily she was joyful and delightful for the majority of her birthday celebrations, phew!

We celebrated their birthday on Sunday as today we're all at work/school for a full long day and it's early nights during the week since starting school to help with the tired grumpiness. I had planned on wrapping the presents in advance and then it got to Sunday morning and I realised we'd forgotten so Nik kept them occupied upstairs while I did a stealthy quick wrapping sesh in the living room! This worked out for the best though as by the time they came down there was some utterly gorgeous light flooding in our front windows and I was thrilled with the beautiful sun flares and light I was able to capture as they gleefully opened cards and presents :)

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