Photographer in Sussex - Magic Mushrooms!

Not in the spaced out sense but the beautiful, mystical sense. I find these little fungi amazing, they just pop up suddenly from the damp dirt and rotting leaves and if you look closely, they're such pretty little things like tiny fairy umbrellas! I love them and spent a very happy morning laying on the woodland floor taking photos recently. We had perfect light and gorgeous autumnal colours...

I purposefully made some blurry and out of focus to add to the mysterious feel of the image, this one below seemed to work particularly well in B&W for the feel I was after...

Some of them were absolutely tiny, less than 5mm diameter with thin, glassy little stalks...

I found one little bunch of three that I loved and managed to get a few slightly different shots of as the light changed or I moved around or rearranged the wet leaves on the ground to avoid reflections...

I think the smallest ones are my favourites, it's amazing how they push up through the rotting leaves on their tiny stalks. I assume this bendy one had a journey to get up...

I'll be sharing a separate post with a shroom version of "what you see VS what I see" which shows just how tiny some of these are when hidden among the leaves on the forest floor.

#Mushrooms #Macro #MacroPhotography #Nature #NaturalLight #OutdoorSession #Autumn

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