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2020 Goals!

Having just looked back on my 2019 goals from last year followed by writing my 2019 review of the year, I'm really excited to push myself further this year and see how awesome I can make 2020!

Last year I submitted my portofolio of 150 images to Click Pro and got accepted with a score of 35 including top score for "use of light". This year, I'm aiming for the Unraveled Expert Artist accreditation! This one asks for 100 images but the standards are just as high with their accepted artists being first in line for any teaching opportunities in the Unraveled Academy. I've started putting it together but it still needs a bit of editing and organising.

Another goal I'd like to aim for is being recognised in the annual Click list of 100 Photographers to watch. I'd be honoured if I'm ever included in this list, I have no idea what the criteria is to be featured so it's not something I can specifically work towards like my click pro portfolio but I figure if I keep trying to improve my work as I do anyway, I may get noticed!

I'll also be applying to speak at another conference after my first "gig" at Phlock this March. Teaching is definitely something I want to do more of since I started mentoring this year too. I love it and will definitely be launching my course for parents this year too (something I've been saying for the last couple of years but this year I have specifically scheduled time to write and teach this).

When it came to personal challenges I struggled a bit - I decided not to attempt a 365 project again last year but to try a 52 week project instead. I didn't complete this either as I just couldn't keep up with the organisation despite shooting at least once a week. I did however manage to carry on with my Colour Chase Challenge and really enjoying working with each colour trying to incorporate it into my photos for the month. I did cheat a couple of times using old photos (for yellow) when I hadn't found time to take new ones for the month's colour but I'm definitely going to do this fun project again! I have joined a couple of 365 groups with Phlock and a 52 week project to attempt these again and see how I go. I definitely saw my photography improve the last time I tried shooting daily so it's worth a go even if I don't manage to keep it up all year. (My 366 project for 2020 can be found via my projects page.)

I had some great success with competitions and submitting my work this year and I will be continuing to submit my work next year, it's a great way to keep pushing me out of my comfort zone and show off the best of my work. Plus I still love the high of getting featured or winning an award!

Ditto with magazine publications and writing for blogs. I just found out my idea for an article for Click Blog was accepted so I'm currently writing that one and will be thinking of a few more articles which may be useful for other photographers as well as working on my own blog content for both clients and photographers.

My branding side of the business really took off this year and I'm loving working with small businesses. My Hello Yellow project was a huge success raising over £600 for Young Minds charity thanks to lots of local businesses taking part. Next year I have a new project in mind which will tie in nicely with my new tongue-tie service so watch this space for more information on that and the charity I choose to support in 2020.

As for client sessions, I'd love to focus more on the kind of intimate documentary/lifestyle sessions I've been doing lately for newborns and maternity, especially the shower sessions by which I mean an actual shower not a party ;) I am creating a new package for these and a redesign of bexphoto as I work more on the business side of things in 2020 too.


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