2020 Review Of The Year

Updated: Jan 30

Well, what a year! Certainly not the one any of us were expecting and here we are, in 2021, back in lockdown.

My Instagram Top Nine shows many moments of colourful joy from this year.

I enjoy my "review of the year" posts as they give me a chance to look back at my favourite photos, my achievements and give me focus for the next year ahead. This year, more than ever, I think it's important to do this and focus on the good stuff that happened in 2020. It's the year we'll all remember for so many devastating reasons (and given what happened yesterday at the Capitol building in the USA, 2021 may be pretty similar!) but so many good things have happened to.

Here are some of my personal moments of joy from this year...


I'm so glad we made it to visit my parents in Malaysia in January just as the pandemic was starting to reveal itself in China, little did we know that we just made it back before things really took a turn!

Rainbow Windows

My first (but short-lived) lockdown project - taking photos of and through the rainbow windows that were popping up locally (and all over the world) as messages of hope. I wanted to document this time and how life was carrying on indoors but when the full lockdown happened after that first weekend after schools closed I felt I had to stop. Even though all photos were taken through closed windows, it just didn't feel responsible for me to continue as I'd have to drive to get to people's homes from where we live and it was obviously not essential.

Lockdown Life & Daily Dens