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366 Project 2020 - I did it!

I only bloody did it! 366 photos of 2020.

I finished this morning with a 6:30am jaunt to the beach, alone, watching the light appear around me. It was wonderful!

I'm not the best at writing with light! Lol, this was my phone torch and I kept doing the numbers wrong (I had to write them backwards to appear the right way). I probably looked a right loony running around on the beach making shapes with my torch but I had fun! ;)

I have LOADS more from this morning which I'll share in another blog post, for now, please enjoy my 366 project slideshow. What a year - there was so much joy to be found among the madness...

Happy New Year! Fingers crossed the vaccines do the trick and 2021 will be a whole lot better for us all!

You can see all of the photos with more details (click on any photo) here:

I'll definitely be attempting another one of these ;)

Here are the 12 monthly grids:

The full year:


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