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6 Ways to work with me - for every budget, even zero!

Want to know all the different ways you can work with me?

I have various options, from a year-long investment with seasonal updates to a free Sunday Shout Out to help you get started.

It's true that I'm known for brand photography these days and I have 3 main packages, each of which are tailored to my individual clients to create a bespoke experience and gallery:

Vivid, Spectrum and Kaleidoscope.

Each one designed for different needs and a variety of price points.

Small budget

For those who want to get started on a minimal budget, there's a Brand Critique to get expert feedback and actionable tips for just £99. Or one of my fundraisers where you can make a donation to charity in return for a headshot and I even offer free photos with my Sunday Shout Out scheme for the local community. Scroll down for more info...

A brand critique will give you plenty of ideas to be getting on with, I'll cast my expert eye over your current branding, website & social media and give you my thoughts, advice and lots of tips so you can start taking action. You can find out more and sign up here.

It's also a great way to figure out if you want to work with me further to really revamp your online presence.

And here are the ways you can do that with my help...

Ready to Invest

My Vivid package is suitable for those just starting out or needing an update. More than a mini shoot and definitely more than just headshots, Vivid will give you an hour of shooting time after a planning session so you get the photos you need to stand out and rock your brand.

The Spectrum package does what it says - gives you the full spectrum of brand visuals! With lots of time in advance to make sure you know exactly what you need, what to wear, which locations to include to make the most of your session, a three hour photo shoot and then everything you need to hit the ground running.

I don't just drop your gallery on you and leave you to it, I create a bespoke social media plan for you, complete with on-brand graphics to round out your awesome new feed, plus a fabulous showreel video designed to attract your ideal clients. Not to mention access to my personal VIP stock library of images available only to my clients for those extra seasonal images you might need occasionally. I love seeing the difference my Spectrum package makes to a small business.

The Kaleidoscope option is generally for clients who've worked with me before, unless you know you're going to need regular updates and/or seasonal shoots to keep your feed fresh and up to date all year. This package is the most flexible, either working in short bursts every couple of months or 4 longer shoots in every quarter depending on your business needs. Not only that, but you get access to me throughout the year for any questions or extra help you might need when using your new branding visuals with extra brand critiques included.

Get in touch now to discuss which of the above packages might be right for you...

Make a difference

A good option for those on a tight budget, get a new headshot in return for a donation to a good cause. My Hello Yellow project is launching again in 2023! Make a donation of at least £25 to Young Minds charity in return for a headshot featuring something yellow for their Hello Yellow hashtag on World Mental Health Day. It's a win-win, feel good and give your profile a boost with a fresh headshot.

A freebie

I love doing Sunday Shout Outs, getting to know other local businesses better while giving them a helping hand after all of the difficulties with Covid lockdowns and financial crises. You can apply for an SSO here and when I have space in my calendar, I pick local businesses to feature on my social media and website with a free brand photo by me included.

So there you have it, a whole array of ways to work with me. (Plus the occasional family shoot, which I still do when I'm asked 😉)

Did you know about all the different options I offer?

Has this whet your appetite to find out more?

Get in touch now for your free consultation call!

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