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A 10th Anniversary Celebration!

2021 is a big year for us when it comes to celebrations! Nik and I are both turning 40 AND it's our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Image on left by guest, image on right screenshot of our wedding film by Cherry Tree Films.

Our original plan (tentatively made a couple of years ago) was to drop the twins off with my parents (who live in Malaysia) while we flitted off for a proper chilled out holiday somewhere tropical and fancy!

Covid put an end to those plans so we're having a weekend in London instead and Nik's parents are having the twins for us. We've been umming and ahhing over where to book for our special kid-free weekend away but have finally made some decisions and have tables booked at some pretty special places! I've also got a gorgeous new dress to wear which I can't wait to show you, it's getting adjusted with a seamstress right now as the neckline just wasn't right for me but other than that it is GORGEOUS and fits perfectly!

I'll share plenty of photos afterwards of course but I thought I'd share our new plans here in case anyone has any more specific recommendations for us while in London!

Image from The Dilly.

On Saturday we plan to drop our luggage at our hotel (The Dilly) in Piccadilly then just enjoy a wander around, maybe a bit of shopping, maybe some touristy type exploring. For lunch we've booked Zuma, a fancy Japanese place with amazing sushi!

Images from Zuma.

After that we'll check into our room and explore the hotel, chill out and then get ready for cocktails and dinner in the hotel. Their restaurant is Madhu's, an award-winning Indian fine dining experience.

Image from The Dilly.

On Sunday we plan to get up early-ish, have breakfast then chill out at the pool and maybe treat ourselves to a massage in the spa before we head out for the afternoon to The Ampersand for their award-winning science themed afternoon tea! This looks so tasty and fun (and has a kids' version) so we decided to include the twins in our celebrations and the in-laws will bring them along and join us before we all head back home.

Images from The Ampersand Hotel.

I can't wait! Any London tips for us?? It's a while since we were out on the town having grown-up fun!


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