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ADVENT Adventures 2021 - Christmas excitement begins

It's just one week until Advent begins and plans are well underway for our ADVENT-ures this year...

We LOVE advent! The excitement building throughout the month, decorating our house, various Christmassy activities, treats and of course, giving.

I plan our advent activities every year with some regular favourites like buying our Christmas tree, ice-skating and donating extra goodies to the food bank as well as trying to think of something new for us to do together. It definitely beats a chocolate filled one in our house but we do still include some sweet treats among everything else!

One of our new activities this year is Glow Wild at Wakehurst. Something we've heard a lot about but have never been organised enough to get tickets before. Sadly, I still wasn't organised enough and although we got tickets, it's after Christmas so isn't in our ADVENT list this year.

We're also struggling to get matinee tickets to panto BUT we do have tickets to the Uckfield Rugby Club panto (also not on the list as it's this weekend, before Advent starts)!

I'm also changing up our Christmas Eve box this year. Instead of our usual tradition of a box filled with popcorn, a film, the twins' elf toys and new Christmas pyjamas, we're doing this on the eve of Advent instead. This way they get whole month of Christmas enjoyment out of their new festive PJs (although will still wear them after December as always), plus it's one less thing for me to worry about on Christmas Eve!

We'll still do a film before bed with hot chocolate and popcorn as I know it's something they love and remember as part of the night before Christmas along with the mince pie, carrots and drink for Santa of course.

As for the rest of our plans, big and small, here's the current list - it's always subject to change depending on various factors including tiredness of either the twins and/or myself!

1st - A festive chocolate

4th - Buy our Christmas Tree & School Christmas Fair

6th - Letter to Santa

7th - Christmas donation to Uckfield Food Bank

9th - (surprise treat - hair-slides or chocolate)

10th - Make Mince Pies & Mince Pie Ice-cream

12th - Something Christmassy in London - suggestions welcome??

13th - Write Christmas cards

14th - Bake gingerbread

15th - Christmas jigsaw

16th - Watch a Christmas Film

17th - See the Christmas Lights

18th - Cinema Trip - A Boy Called Christmas

19th - Family woodland walk with hot chocolate in a flask

20th - Christmas Disco at home

21st - Make Christmas ham & jam

22nd - Make Christmas decorations

24th - Christmas film & chocolate popcorn

Do you have plans for advent or do you just wing it? I love that the twins are already talking about the "pieces of paper" with activities inside their advent house :D Top tip, I use strips of old wrapping paper to write on and scroll them up before hiding them behind the doors!

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