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Aladdin Pantomime at Eastbourne Theatres - Review

Well, they did it again! We absolutely loved this year's Aladdin panto in the Devonshire Theatre at Eastbourne - loads of laughs, amazingly colourful costumes, brilliant lighting and set design and a whole lotta fun!

My favourite this year was definitely the flamboyant Genie!

We love a good baddie too, although he looks rather cheerful in this photo, getting us all to channel Freddie Mercury!

The dance numbers were epic!

The costumes fabulous and so funny!

The twins absolutely loved it, joined in more than ever with the booing and cheering and various audience participation. It's always so much fun and the cast is such a joy to watch, they always seem to be really enjoying it SO much, in spite of what must be a tiring and repetitive programme of shows. They'd already done a morning show before this afternoon performance but you'd never know, they were fresh and on top form!

Aladdin is running at the Devonshire Theatre in Eastbourne until 15th January so grab some tickets while you still can and cheer up dreary January.

We received free tickets in return for a review.

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