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Back to School - Year 1

Hooray! Back to school at last, they went skipping in and I skipped away to my quiet empty house!

As you can see we are not the crying at the school gates type (my sympathies to those who are struggling without their kids around, I have some friends who are finding this hard), and we're all really enjoying this change back to routine. They're loving their new teacher, classroom and seeing all their friends, while I'm loving some alone time, head-space and actually getting some work done in the daytime (instead of 2am)!

While they were getting ready in the morning of their first day back, I snapped a few pics (of course). K had his "not again" face on then Daddy asked Priya to help him tuck his shirt in at the back leading to this cute series of them...

We took our obligatory front doorstep photos and then Daddy came out to go to work so this year we actually got some shots with us in too! Next time I'll have to get organised with the tripod.

I'm so glad I asked him to take some with me in before he rushed off to work :)

When I dropped them off (they were booked in at breakfast club as it's usually my surgery day - I took this week off to focus on Bexphoto and This Detailed Life!), we were the only ones in the carpark so we noticed a lovely rainbow sculpture with birds tied to the fence in the carpark.

I couldn't resist playing with the cute shadows...

How are you finding the kids being back at school? Or are yours still learning at home? I know some of my American friends are now home schooling or still distance learning due to Coronavirus in their areas. I hope we manage to keep levels low where we are. Despite our joy at the kids being back at school, it is all still somewhat scary even if it is so good for us in other ways.


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