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Bath Time Fun and Hilarity!

My bonkers, gorgeous, hilarious girl! She's honestly so funny!

After being sent home from school today after coughing for well over an hour (the Covid test is booked!), Priya and I watched Maleficent, ate popcorn and built some Lego followed by a nice relaxing bath. Well, less of the relaxing, more of the hilarity and I'm not even sure why, lol.

I've just shown her these photos and she immediately wanted to show Kalyan and said "it was soooooo relaxing, it was really very good. Best day ever!" <3

I love capturing bath time photos and I never ever share these without express permission from clients. If you fancy some in-home photos of your family, including bath time fun, let's have a chat about your ideas, you can book a no obligation call with me here.

Here are some older bath time favourites...


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