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Bexphoto on Tour - Glasgow Brand Photographer

What a jam-packed 4 days I had in Glasgow shooting for 3 awesome brands and recording some behind the scenes info for my Click Photo School course!

First up was Sarah, who I basically moved in with for the 4 days (it's OK guys, she's a very good friend, one of my bridesmaids in fact!) and we did her brand shoot in little pockets around various other plans!

Secondly was the lovely Darren and his wife Gill. They run a property company and Darren is a business coach who met Sarah while qualifying, thanks for recommending me Sarah!

And finally, the lovely Rebecca, a fellow photographer who I just clicked with, despite not meeting in person until now!

We did a little swap to get some brand photos ourselves, taking photos of each other taking photos, lol. It's so rare we get photos of us working (I ALWAYS forget to ask my clients to grab shots of me in action), plus it was nice to concentrate on making ourselves look good while working instead of what we're taking photos of! I pretty much always hunch up and have about a million chins when I'm shooting! ;)

I'm absolutely delighted with these sneak peeks she sent me already!

I'll be sharing more from each shoot soon, watch this space!

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