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Brand Photography Client Showcase: Bignose & Beardy Cider - Locally Made In Framfield, East Sussex

Working with Phil & Steve (AKA Bignose & Beardy) on their branding photos was an absolute blast!

They needed some fresh new photos for press releases as they'd been using the same ones for a number of years. We discussed a 3 hour storytelling brand photoshoot to capture all the aspects of their business - the team, the manufacturing processes behind the scenes, their orchard and smallholding, love of nature and sustainability and of course their gorgeous products. We planned it for spring to capture the blossom.

As they already work with a social media manager (who encouraged the storytelling side of the shoot), instead of my usual extra help with the marketing side of things I photographed their Wassail event back in January.

Local Cidery With A Great Story

Small product based businesses are one of my favourite kind of brands to work with. I relish the chance to really show off their story, getting behind the scenes capturing what they do and the heart of the brand. Of course, this includes headshots and team photos plus lots more besides.

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Storytelling Product Photography

I love showing off special products in their environment. For example, the Bignose & Beardy calvados, Spirit of Cider, sitting in the apple tree in the orchard, surrounded by the blossom that will become the fruit the spirit is made from.

Of course, we had to show the cider in all its amber glory too - being poured and enjoyed. I photographed them tasting the newest batch as well as sampling a couple of bottles.

I even managed to find a rainbow amongst their fab labels! ;)

Business Values

A major part of their brand story includes their values of sustainability and running the smallholding where the orchard and cidery are situated.


We also wanted to show some of the many jobs they all do to produce the cider. They have adapted their practises to fit with their values, using more environmentally friendly and sustainable processes and chemicals.

I photographed all of the various stages; sterilisation, measuring, testing, tasting, bottling, labelling...

I did the same for their other big product, the Apple Cider Vinegar. I have a bottle I will be experimenting with soon to show it in use as a salad dressing and many other recipes it's useful for, I'll be adding those shots to their gallery soon for them to use on social media, showing demonstrations to help sell the vinegar.

I really enjoyed watching and learning all of the stages involved in the manufacture of the various products, the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast), seen above which looks rather scummy, is in fact part of the fermentation process. It's fascinating, the amount of work that goes into making all of their amazing local ciders, vinegar and calvados.

Plus I got to spend the morning in nature, surrounded by the awesome Bignose & Beardy team. They're all such great guys, it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. The farm is just gorgeous, I loved hunting down lots of details in and around the orchard.

They now have a huge gallery of fresh images ready for the latest press releases as well as updating their website and using on social media to connect with their audience.

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If you're not ready to chat yet but want to start thinking about preparing for your own personality-packed photoshoot, you can download my free guide here with 5 top tips to rock your shoot!

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