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I went on holiday and came home with a new BFF, a business partner (the same person) and a whole lotta work to do! 😆

Last week we were in Dubai (more on that later - I have tips and photos to share and we will be going back!) and whilst there I had arranged to meet up with Natalie, a fellow colour-loving photographer I had only previously known "online".

Well, honestly I feel like I've had a holiday romance! Since we first met up when Natalie kindly took my family to see Old Dubai and explore the souks, we just hit it off and ended up arranging two more impromptu "dates" with both our families (and a fair few cocktails)! We even bought matching sparkly T-shirts after Kate named us the "Dream Team" on Instagram!

After that first get together, we talked about running a joint retreat, something we'd both longed to do at some point. Our energies just worked and it spiralled and now, just over a week later we have a website, logo, Instagram, Facebook, email, draft itinerary and mailing list all sorted, a million ideas, a possible venue and we've been messaging every day. We even had a two hour zoom this morning to discuss it all and plan our next steps to keep the momentum going!

It's going to be epic!

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We hope you'll join us on this rainbow ride!

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