Before & After, How Accounting Now Transformed Their Website And Owned Their Brand.

Case Study - Accounting Now

Headshot photography and branding imagery for Accounting Now
Brand Photography for Accountant Trevor Powell & Team in Uckfield


Trevor Powell, Accounting Now


Trevor wanted to place an advert in Uckfield Matters magazine and needed new photos as he wanted it to stand out. He also wanted to be more active on social media and update his website.


Marrying up Trevor Powell, the accountant with 50 years' experience, with the Accounting Now brand name.

Getting the word out that Accounting Now is situated on Uckfield High Street, walk-ins are welcome and the friendly team can help with all manner of accounting and tax advice.

The Accounting Now website was outdated and text heavy, using stock images which didn't fit the brand aesthetic or demonstrate their values of being an expert-led, friendly local team.


To attract new clients, especially targeting new business start-ups including mothers with their own small businesses who could really benefit from Trevor's guidance and years of expertise in business accounting.

A fresh new look for the website and social media accounts.

Trevor opted for a 3 hour branding session.


We decided to incorporate Trevor's personal story, to make him more relatable to these businesswomen. His ideal clients needed to see him as not only an expert in his field but also approachable and easy to talk to. His jolly personality and love for his family were important to include alongside his desire and ability to help his clients with their tax planning and finances.

We wanted photos of the happy team in the office and a client relaxed in the office environment as well as details showing the Accounting Now brand.

It was important to show the High Street office position in town, in relation to other local businesses. Also demonstrating that Trevor is a local family man who loves to go for a pint in his local pub as well as walking his dog nearby in Buxted Park.


  • I created their print advert and graphics in their brand colours for them to use on social media, all of which I shared with the team so that they were able to make tweaks (i.e. adding their own testimonials or editing information).

  • They received a 30 day social media plan to help give them a kick start in using their images on social media, matching up images/graphics with appropriate captions (I don't write the captions but give guidance in what to talk about - see sample page below).

  • Of course, there was their full gallery of 150+ images across the three locations so they have plenty of content to keep them going on social media for at least 3 months.

  • A selection of five Bexphoto Stock photos.

  • And last but not least, their showreel which is now featured in pride of place at the top of their website home page, designed to speak to their ideal client.

Here's a selection of the final deliverables for Accounting Now...



Location 1: Buxted Park (Family dog walk)

Location 2: Accounting Now, 212 Uckfield High Street (Office)

Location 3: Hare & Hounds Pub in Framfield (Team lunch, relaxing after work with his favourite pint)


Including Facebook cover, quote template (complete with one relevant quote found by myself), testimonial template (which they've edited with their client's words) and various ideas for I