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Colourful Gift Guide - Accessories & Jewellery

Welcome to the first of many colourful gift guides supporting independent makers and sellers! After a pretty horrendous year for the retail sector, let's share some love with the little shops and spend our pennies with them this Christmas. I've been scrolling and searching for the most lovely shops in the UK (and some slightly further afield) to help you find some gorgeous colourful gifts this year, starting with one of my favourite things to receive - jewellery and accessories!

Luna & Flor

Spectral Cloud Necklace £33.76, Rainbow Heart Necklace £41.26

Ibiza Earrings £28.13, Juggling Jane Necklace £24.38, Good Luck Earrings £31.89

Autumn Aurelia

Rainbow Leaf Earrings £36, Rainbow Statement Necklace £51, Raincloud Earrings £29.

Make & Fable Crafts

Macrame Necklace Kit £18, Figure 8 Out DIY Necklace Pattern £4.80

The Rainbow Room

Rainbow Christmas Pin £8.94, Rainbow Christmas Tree Pin £8.15, Keep Going Pin £8.15

Rainbow Keyring £9.93, Rainbow Necklace £10.29, Rainbow Earrings £9.93

The Lobe Wardrobe

Blue Pentagonal Earrings £14, Yellow Hexagonal Earrings £14

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

Rainbow Laser Gun Pin £7, Rainbow Ice Lolly Pin £7, Fizzers Sweets Pin £7

Too Tired To Party Pin £7, Awkward Iron-On Patch £6, Forever Tired Pin £7

Colour Wheel Necklace £17, Colour Wheel Earrings £12.50, Got Dressed Today Cap £24

Little Pig Jewellery

Statement Rainbow Pencil Necklace £40, Paint Splat Brooch Set of 4 £18, Kite Brooch £40

Alphabet Bags

Be Kind enamel pin, £7, Birthstone pins, £7, Be Kind Keyring, £9

And if you have any suggestions of more colourful shops, please drop them in the comments for me to check out! Happy shopping!

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