Colourful Gift Guide - Books

I didn't quite get all my Christmas Gift guides finished so here are some alternative last minute gifts for Valentine's day for the colour lovers in your life ;)

I adore reading and mainly focus my attention on fiction but occasionally I delve into something different and in the last year or two I have received or purchased a few such books about colour which I've enjoyed and thought I'd share here. Click on the images to purchase (affiliate links).

This first one was a gift from the lovely Diana Hagues when she came to stay for a photo conference in Brighton (when such things could still occur!) She bought it for the kids but I've really enjoyed it too, beautiful in its simplicity, it is lovely to flick through together.

The Secret Lives of Colour was recommended by someone in a Facebook group I think. Most likely the In Colourful Company group which I love (but often leads to me spending cash on colourful finds)!

This is one I found while browsing, recommended to me based on my previous purchases. I don't own this one but it does sound fantastic.

This next one was definitely a case of falling in love with a book cover! I spotted this in a local shop when Kirsty and Lisa had come to town for some photo fun last Christmas and they put a word in with Nik about how much I loved it ;)

A lovely surprise to find under my tree last year and the inside is lovely too with colour related life tips!

I haven't read this one either but I love the cover and I adore Conran's designs so I reckon this one is right up my street too!

And a couple for the kids:

I bought this one for the twins a few years ago, it's fun and educational with lovely bright colours inside to keep them interested.

Fellow twin mum Holly bought us a copy of this one - a sweet story of an owl discovering all the colours of the day and being amazed by them all. We still enjoy reading this one!

Do you have any colourful book recommendations for me or the kids? Let me know in the comments :)

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