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Details by the Dozen - August 2019

Summer details, holiday, fun, adventures and sun-kissed locks! I just love summer but I'm excited for Autumn details to come. The change of the seasons is always exciting with lots to look forward to. Which is your favourite season?

Here are our favourite details shots for August, I'm afraid we're a few down again with just 8 this month so I'll be opening up DBTD next time - if I am missing any from our usual dozen photographers by the final day of September, I will give a call out for detail images on This Detailed Life hub and feature some guests to make up the full dozen. (As it happens, I couldn't decide this month which of my own to use so I've added an extra couple of my own to help fill it up!)

August Details by Karlee Hooper

August Details by Chloe Lodge

August Details by Gemma Cowburn

August Details by Tara Visconti

August Details by Charlotte Green

August Details by Laura Aziz

We'll see you on the 1st October with our next batch of details to swoon over and hopefully inspire you!


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