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Documentary Photographer in Sussex - 366 Project for 2020, Week One

Week one, done. I tried a 365 project before in 2018 and got pretty far (May). It really is a challenge to keep shooting (and editing) every day. I'm taking it easy this year by allowing myself some grace and editing when I can without the pressure of "every day". I will still try to take at least one photo every day but might not share until I'm ready. I also might use multiple photos from the same day spread over a few of the project days if I struggle to shoot daily. It's my project and I'm using it to push myself but I don't need to feel like I've failed if I miss a few days here and there so I will make it work for me.

Of course, this being a leap year, it's a 366 project and I'm excited to see how far I can take it this time around. Last time I noticed a huge improvement in my photography even in the first month. Shooting daily and thinking with intention of what I plan to photograph is great for creativity but equally, sometimes I know I will just shoot what I can, like yesterday when I had an idea but struggled to make it work so just got the kids to make crazy faces for some fun portraits instead. Not going to be masterpieces but they're fun memories and that's also what this project is about for me, documenting our days, sometimes with a bit of a push to capture what I want, sometimes purely documentary.

So here's my first week in photos. It's been fairly easy since we're on holiday so I don't have the pressure of work nor the dull grey January UK light to contend with. You can see the full gallery as it fills up here: 366 Project - 2020

2018's attempt can be found here:

Some days were a struggle to choose just one like when I got the kids to make crazy faces for me before the sun went down...

So there we have week one, pretty easy since we're on holiday and I'm shooting everyday anyway. Let's hope I manage to keep it up as I'm already loving the challenge and pushing myself to create daily.



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