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Eastbourne Beach at Dawn - New Year's Eve 2020

I'm just going to let the pictures be the blog post because it's all just too much. I can't think of anything to say right now other than that I am SO glad I went and took these photos last week because I'm no longer allowed, despite there being no one else around at dawn on the beach in the winter! (It involves very little exercise before standing very still on a cold beach which I don't think classes as essential outdoor exercise, even if it is more of a mental health exercise for me!)

This lockdown is going to be so much harder for so many of us, not just because of the cold and dark at this time of year (which I find a struggle at the best of times), nor because of the super last minute notification of it (even if we were expecting it) meaning we had NO time to prepare our children - mine woke up very excited to go back to school and see friends only to be told they couldn't which is very difficult for 6 year olds to understand! But also, for me anyway, because of the fact that I now have targets to meet at work, you know - looking in people's mouths, where the virus likes to be! Not ideal when my hours have just been cut in half due to lack of school/childcare.

My stress levels are through the roof, anxiety is plaguing me every time I think about work and all this on top of home schooling and trying to keep my own businesses limping along. With no notice. Great.

Well anyway, here are some pretty pictures of a day when I woke up early and spontaneously decided to head to the beach alone for sunrise. It was so therapeutic, I wish I could do it again this weekend!

Good luck to all the parents attempting to educate their kids again! I'm glad we still have a stash of wine after our quiet Christmas!


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