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Kalyan has been begging for a haircut for the last few days as it was starting to get in his eyes. As much as I adore his curls when his hair gets long, I have to admit that he is looking super handsome with his new do! (And so grown up!!)

I enjoy photographing both Kalyan & Priya of course, I'm lucky they're so photogenic ;) but I absolutely LOVE capturing K's ever changing expressions! His face is so fantastic and you instantly know what he's feeling. I already have this great series documenting his first tooth coming out, as well as his very first home haircut during lockdown last summer (our dining chairs have changed since then)!

This time I think his hair was even longer, it was pulling too much with the clippers so the kitchen scissors came out!

And of course, allllll the expressions...

It was mostly smiles and funny faces until the itchiness started from all the hair falling on him.

I love the light in our house, the dining room and shower get perfect pockets for documenting these things!

Have you been cutting your kids' hair since lockdown?

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