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Family Photographer in Sussex - Cycling/Scooting in Friston

During half term our friends invited us for a kids' bike ride at Friston. We'd never been before but it's perfect for cycling and/or scooting - the path down to the beach is completely flat with beautiful views! We will definitely be going back in the spring and summer!

The twins are great at riding their bikes but not yet confident so we took their scooters and their friends rode bikes. I didn't get many photos due to a couple of moody five-year olds and it was rather windy and cold but we had a great time anyway! The Saltmarsh Farmhouse cafe by the car park was the perfect finish with hot chocolates all round followed by a quick lunch and then a lot of shenanigans in the car park itself before we all headed home!

I love spending time with other families like this, both with friends and when I'm hired to do so to capture all of these fun adventures!


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