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Fun Times at Hotel L'Escale! Family Travel - Photos in the Pool.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that we had a rather spontaneous trip to France this week! I'll write more about how that came about soon but for now I wanted to share some of our fun in the pool at our hotel in Escalles.

We loved our hotel, just 10 minutes from the Channel Tunnel, it was easy to get to and a great base next to Cap Blanc Nez. As well as exploring other villages and towns nearby, we really enjoyed the hotel's pool complex. It seems fairly new and is very modern, warm and clean.

As well as the pool itself, there is a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi and plenty of sunbeds and chairs to relax in. The whole place is sleek and stylish and a lovely place to play and relax. Kids aged 4-16 are allowed in all day but it's adults only after 5pm which suited us fine.

We spent time in there on both days but the 2nd day was brilliant as we ended up having the whole place to ourselves for about an hour so we let the kids go wild jumping in and I took the opportunity to grab some photos on my "big" camera.

It was the perfect spot to make a few fun GIFs too which K loved!

And the perfect place to relax too! The sauna was divine on a chilly day and of course, just enjoying a swim!

We'd all highly recommend it, such a great little escape!

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