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Growing twins = a room update

Less of an update and more of a re-arrange really. We'll soon be investing in new beds for Kalyan & Priya as they're getting closer and closer to the end of their toddler beds. These beds were originally their cots which we transformed (partially) to beds and now fully, in preparation for new proper single beds. These photos in their room were taken two years ago, shortly after they turned 3, on the day I braved pants for the first time and started toilet training them. We took the sides off the cots soon after...

The new bed plan meant a re-think around their furniture layout though as the single beds wouldn't have fit in the same space as these little beds did in the corners. The room is set up for a double bed to protrude form the right wall into the middle of the room as it has lamp sockets with wall switches laid out to sit either side of a bed. We therefore decided to place their single beds here side by side.

I was worried about moving the chest of drawers to the side of the room as I might hit my head on the slanted walls when I was putting their clothes away but it is deep enough that I seem to be safe. The rather large but useful Hemnes daybed was at risk as we weren't sure we could fit it in when the new beds went in without the room being utterly jam packed and leaving no space but with the chest of drawers going at one side, the Hemnes fit in perfectly under the window at the end of the room.

If you don't know what their room looked like before, here are a few older photos before they were even born...

The room is quite restrictive due to the slanted walls, the window at one end and the door at the other - it's large but there's no where to put anything tall like a wardrobe. Luckily the Stuva wardrobe from Ikea fits well next to the door and I figured out we can fit another one in if we switched sides so the bookcase is now on the other side of the door and the new wardrobe will fit in next to the current one so Priya's dresses will no longer be squished in with Kalyan's shirts and their school shirts and I can separate out their fancy dress outfits too which are bursting out of the bottom drawer and I'll have a dedicated space for their ballet and rugby outfits too. It'll be much easier to keep organised although it will be a shame to hide so much of that lovely blue colour on that end wall...

We've ordered them some bedside lamps too so they'll be able to sit in bed to read independently after a bedtime story as they get more confident reading themselves. I ordered a small Kallax to house some of the ever expanding collection of soft toys so the lamps can sit on top between their beds.

Moving the chest of drawers meant it could have some items on the surface - it was originally used as a changing table and then left clear as we had to reach across to close the window blind. The window is now more easily accessible behind the day bed - the kids can climb up and look out and we can reach the blind easily.

I have finally ordered a new K to replace the one that fell down and broke - I'll use a better hanger than blu-tak next time! I'll probably replace the old photos of pregnant me (put up before they were born) with some new pics of the twins.

Other than that and a bit of a re-shuffle to fit it all into the new layout, not much has changed but I think it needs a lick of paint and perhaps a bit more of their personalities in it so we may do more in here over the summer when we get the new beds but the rainbow theme against a fairly blank canvas is still working well for now. I do want to change how the dragonflies and pinwheels are displayed on those opposing slanted walls. It just looks far too busy so I'll be re-thinking what and how to display something on those awkward areas.

I love that the room is still full of things I made for them - the felt heart garland, the raindrops cushion, the pinwheels and the cloud shelf as well as the knobs I hand-painted on all the drawers...

So, there you have it as it is now, still a work in progress but much more practical for now and in the future although it needs a few more tweaks before I'll be happy with it. The twins are delighted with their "new" room though :)



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