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Heads Up! A branding photography boom...

Now, more than ever, small businesses are realising the importance of a professional, consistent on-line image. After the challenges of the last 18 months throughout the pandemic, many small businesses had to up their game online as it was the only way to reach their clients/customers throughout the lockdowns.

One of the best and easiest ways to attract your ideal clients is through your branding; being consistent, easily identifiable as your brand and coming across in a professional manner across all your channels with high quality, on-brand images and graphics.

Since I changed up my brand packages to help serve my clients even more by including expert brand advice and graphics in my packages, I've been booking new clients at my special introductory price. As I now have a few sessions under my belt with the added branding expertise and we head into autumn, my busiest season, my prices are increasing on 1st October.

I've been sharing updates on my new, brand specific, Instagram account @bexphoto_brandphotography and I now only have one space left! Shoots can be taken any time within the next 6 months but must be booked before 1st October with a small deposit to secure the current pricing!

To find out more and chat with me all about your brand, book a call now to make sure you don't miss out on a bargain brand session with me helping you sort out your brand visuals and really boost your business to the next level! Calls are free, there's no obligation to book and I always throw in a couple of tips too ;)

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