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Hour by Hour - A Day in the Life - Sunday in B&W

Laura Wood, founder of Phlock, organised a community project this weekend, the idea being to shoot in black & white and try to take an image every hour. I was in two minds about joining in as I'd lost my creative spark a bit this week and couldn't really be bothered to be honest. Shooting means editing and I have so many other things I need to be doing (a print order and This Detailed Life magazine work) but when I spotted one of Laura's from the morning and loved it, I was inspired to give it a go.

I'm so glad I did as I really love some of these images and none of them would have existed had I not picked up my camera after seeing Laura's post and a few other examples of those taking part. It's unusual for me to edit only in B&W too as I do love colour so much but it made a nice change to edit with just light and shadows in mind and not worrying about colour and skin tones.

I didn't manage to keep going once it got dark (mostly as I was eager to edit the others but I also find it hard to be inspired by artificial light). I did shoot more than one scenario every hour though (and I never could take just one!) so here are just a few of my favourites from our Lazy Sunday at home...

The day started with a dance party in the kitchen, the twins and I often blast the music loud in here and have a wee boogie, this time to Dance Monkey by Tones & I.

Then it was time for a foosball tournament thanks to their new favourite toy from their Aunt & Uncle at Christmas.

There's always colouring in to be done!

I couldn't resist sneaking one colour shot in!

Then it was time for our takeaway Sunday roast, something we hadn't done for ages!

We realised we'd forgotten to get any cream for pudding so Nik popped to the shops while I sorted out some recycling much to the joy of Kalyan who loves to pop packaging!

Missed the focus on that one but still love it!

Then there was the never-ending washing to sort. I wasn't keen on my self-portraits but did like the patterns inside our washing machine drum!

And then pudding!

Priya had been asking lots of questions about our wedding photos on the gallery wall in our dining room so I dug out our wedding DVD for them to watch for the first time. So fun!

I didn't have my camera to hand so snapped a shot on my phone.

Then I snuck in some editing of these photos so far while the kids rode their bikes outside!

Our horrendously messy garage - for anyone who thinks we have an Insta-perfect home - all the mess gets hidden out there!!

For dinner, we followed my Mum's Sunday night tradition of egg mayo sandwiches with Walker's Cheese & Onion crisps while watching TV (The twins chose Pinocchio)!

Another phone shot.

Fun times and I'm so grateful to Laura Wood and Phlock Live for the push to do this challenge! So much so, I'm planning a little something similar next weekend revolving around details, I'll be sharing info in the TDL community group if you fancy joining in with that one ;)

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