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How I'm like a chef!

What does photography have to do with chefs you may ask?  Let me explain...

I was with a client recently and was interested to know what she'd done with the photos from her session with me the year before. 

The answer - Nothing.  They're still on the hard drive.

She sounded so deflated as she realised.

I get it, we all have that list of jobs waiting to be done. But truthfully my heart sank. She should see those photos every day, her family should have them around the house to be reminded of those fun times, even on the tough days. Scratch that - ESPECIALLY on the tough days! I am so passionate about the fact that your images should be printed and SEEN. Not just on your phone but in your home. I've spent many hours looking through my own family photo books with my twins, it's a joy in itself as we bond over our memories.

It's one of those jobs, you intend to get it done but it will keep, there will be time another day. But then you notice it's been months and you just don't know where to start, especially when there are so many images you love!

This is where your chef comes in 😉

A photography friend of mine, Anna Holden, used this analogy and hit the nail on the head...

"Hiring me is like hiring a gourmet chef to take the finest, locally-grown, organic ingredients to prepare the most mouth watering culinary delights for a lavish dinner party. Only instead of the chef finishing the job and plating the food, they just left it in the pots and pans and bowls for YOU to plate. Of course you can put food on a plate, who can’t? But will you know how to pair everything together correctly? Will it look as amazing as it should for the cost of everything that went into it? And as the host, do you really have time for that? Isn’t that why you hired a professional in the first place?"

One of my gallery options - they arrive ready to hang

This is precisely why I offer a select range of quality products including bespoke wall galleries and luxury hand-crafted albums, designed by me to be heirlooms that can be passed down for years and years.  I do the work for you so you are presented with beautifully packaged, finished keepsakes ready to hang or hold and show off!

Want to see what your gallery wall or album could look like?  I include mock-ups using YOUR photos at every viewing session where I spend the time to help guide you in choosing the best images for your package, all while you enjoy a glass of fizz!  

A mock-up of the Showcase Gallery

Sounds so much better than leaving them to languish on a hard drive right?

Life is busy. Make sure your memories are preserved beautifully. Get in touch now to chat about how I can help you create some bespoke art for your walls...


Edited to add a photo of a statement large framed print in my client's bedroom that I was invited to see yesterday - I love it!

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