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How to Create an Ombre Rainbow Christmas Tree

I am loving making our rainbow tree more and more kitsch and unusual every year!

Ever since I started decorating our Christmas tree with the rainbow colour scheme, I've been having so much fun sourcing baubles and ornaments to enhance our collection. Some colours are harder to find than others (yellow being one) but I had a lot of success searching eBay for various coloured cheap baubles in every colour as fillers. I am particularly loving having a few special, more kitsch and unusual decorations dotted throughout the branches of our tree though.

This was my first attempt at a rainbow tree (before the red finial arrived for the top)...

As you can see I've gone for a very uniform look with only single coloured baubles and ornaments arranged in layers of colour to give the Ombre spectrum effect. It creates a beautiful blended effect, especially in the background of our Christmas photos with beautiful bokeh!

The following year, I mixed it up with indigo at the top, having found a bargain vintage blue and gold finial in Oxfam for 99p! Still going for the layered colours as I like this a lot.

I do love my multi-coloured baubles and rainbows and usually display them separately on my white tree I use for Easter decorations too. This year, I might incorporate more rainbows throughout the main tree but like to stick to the layered colours.

The baubles and ornaments I have have come from so many different places. In the past I've found some in Primark, Paperchase and John Lewis (who do a particularly lovely range of classier colourful and rainbow ornaments). I've also found a few from independent small businesses and wanted to share a few finds this year in case you're embracing the joyful colour trend with your tree too!

The following decorations range from £1.99 to £18.93. From cheap and cheerful places like The Range to High Street favourites like Paperchase and John Lewis and online places like Wayfair or random websites I've discovered with huge collections as well as fancy places like Selfridges and Liberty London. Other places I've hit gold are TK Maxx, Home Sense and Tiger.

There's a fine line between kitsch and tacky. For some, many of these may cross that line but I think mixed in with the standard baubles above they just add something extra fun!


Lobster £14.95, Cherries £12.95, Ladybird £12.95

Car £9.50, Strawberry £3.99, Postbox £5.49,

Sandwich £10, Mixer £5, Ladybug £7.51


Orange Crab £8, Lion £7, Cocktail £9.95

Carrot £4.99, Tangerine £10 Goldfish £9.99

Dinosaur £12.95, Tiger £12.95 (there is an actual Tiger King ornament but I love this one from Liberty!)


Sunflower £15.12, Drill £7.75, Lionfish £15.09

Yellow Stegosaurus £8, Banana £12.74, Digger £10


Bauble £1.29 Crocodile £12.99, Acorn £1.29

Landrover £11.99, Sprout £3.99, Hummingbird £3.99

Avocado £8, Tractor £7.99, Margherita £18.93


Leopard Print £4.95, Decanter £7, Globe £3


Weighing Scales £4, Jumper £14.95, Gin £6



Aubergine £4, Octopus £16.99, Knitting Ball £4


Leopard Print £4.95, Ice Lolly £12, Car £

You could also buy sets to split up to arrange into various colour layers:

Carousels £6.94, Balloon Dogs £12

Reindeer £1.19, Gin Bottles £7.50, Shells £25.99

Drop Baubles £35.99, Classic Baubles £58.99, Onion Baubles £32.99

So what do you think? Will you be creating a kitsch and colourful tree this year?? Be sure to tag me if you post it on social media and I will share some in my stories! on Instagram and @bexphoto on Facebook ;)

Here are a few of my favourite decorations from last year...

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