I'm back and raring to photograph other families again!

Bexphoto is OPEN!

After a couple of false starts (thanks obligatory back to school colds for gracing us with a temp and a cough 2 weeks apart = 2 negative Covid tests and 2 periods of isolation), I'm finally ready to get back out there taking photos of other families again! Let's face it, mine are pretty much sick of me and my lens by now ;)

Boy drinking kombucha tea
I've driven my 5 year old to drink! KIDDING! It's Kombucha Tea and he wasn't a fan! lol

Coronavirus certainly put a fork in all my plans after my big giveaway in March and I will happily admit that I struggled to cope in general and just had to shut Bexphoto and concentrate on my family and NHS "day job".

I'm sure I'm not the only mother who felt overwhelmed and I actually turned to my art as therapy.  I managed to continue with my daily photo project, documenting these crazy days and blogging about our adventures for my monthly slot on Uckfield FM.  (You can find these under the reviews category and if you're one of my Iridescent Insiders - you get all these and more of my top tips sent straight to your inbox.) I even started a photography magazine - what can I say, I need a creative outlet to keep me sane!

Despite various virus related hiccups, I've finally found the space to get my business head on again and I've been beavering away behind the scenes to ensure I can provide the luxury service and experience you deserve while also remaining safe and responsible during these uncertain pandemic times. I have a new Covid Policy in place to give you peace of mind and keep us all safe and will keep this under review if anything changes.

If you're keen to document your family life as it is now, do get in touch to chat about your ideas. These chats are really informal, there's no sleazy sales patter and absolutely no obligation to book!

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